Meeting #8: THURS 20 Dec 2-5pm

**Next meeting at IFP on Thursday afternoon, 20 December 2–5pm**

‘Couldn’t ticks be just a little extinct?’ Tom Horton 

We meet again this Thursday at IFP to read ‘Blood Intimacies and Biodicy: Keeping Faith with Ticks’ by James Hatley, which comes from the journal Australian Humanities Review no. 50 (2011): ‘Unloved Others: Death of the Disregarded in the Time of Extinctions’. Though a figure of revulsion to many, the tick is ‘one of our many co-evolved Earth others’, as much part of the messy tangle of life as we ourselves are. In this essay, Hatley asks: how we may love that which causes us to suffer?

All welcome, no preparation or expertise needed.

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