Tessa Zettel writes for publications including journals, books and exhibition catalogues. Do get in touch if you want to commission some words, or if you’d like her to translate (from French/German to English), edit or proofread yours. // [Member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics) & NAVA]
Book chapters / essays

‘Creole Gardens: Growing Otherwise’, in Hans Ulrich Obrist and Asad Raza (eds.) Mondialité Or the Archipelagos of Édouard Glissant, Brussels, Skira/Boghossian Foundation Villa Empain, 2017.
‘Making Time: Food Preservation and Ontological Design’, co-authored with Abby Mellick Lopes, in Oliver Vodeb (ed.), Food Democracy: Critical Lessons in Food, Communication/Design, Art and Theoretical Practice, Chicago, Intellect Books, 2017.
‘Land-escapes: A propos of time, the city and its other’, co-authored with Karl Khoe, in Zanny Begg & Lee Stickells (eds.) The Right to the City, Sydney, Tin Sheds, 2011.
‘If I’m not mistaken, it is ‘Soybean cake’ / Kalau saya tidak salah, itu ‘soybean cake’’ in Alexandra Crosby et al (eds.) Gang re:Publik Indonesia-Australia Creative Adventures, Sydney, Gang Festival, 2008.
Journal articles / reviews

‘Valentina Karga: Energies in Common’, in Lerchenfeld 45, 2018.
‘The disappearance of the Sea and its Fantasmatic Recovery in Berlin, of all places!’, in un Extended, http://unprojects.org.au/un-extended/dear-un/transmediale 26/2/18.
‘documenta 14: Art of the (im)possible’, in Broadsheet Journal 46.2, 2017.
‘documenta 14: Art, Athens, Austerity…’
, in Runway Conversations, 2017.
‘Collective Objects of Anxiety: Things Encountered and Enacted in Paris, Autumn 2015’, in un Magazine 10.1: ‘Co-Workers’, 2016.
‘Market for Immaterial Value: Unmaking debt and other fictions’
in Runway, Issue 30: ‘Ecologies’, 2016.
‘Plan Bienen: Sharing (in) the more-than-human city’, A Peer Reviewed Journal About_Excessive Research, Vol. 5, Issue 1. DARC (Digital Aesthetics Research Centre), Aarhus University, Denmark, 2016.
(& shorter version in Excessive Research: A Peer-Reviewed Newspaper, Vol. 5, Issue 1. DARC (Digital Aesthetics Research Centre), Aarhus University, Denmark in collaboration with transmediale, Liverpool John Moores University & Liverpool Biennial, 2016.
‘Disappearing Bees’ in un Magazine, Issue 9.1, June 2015.
‘Autonomy/Autarky or ‘Are you sure that’s normal?” in Runway, Issue 23: ‘Prototype’, 2013.
‘Eating with intent’, dasplatforms, http://www.dasplatforms.com/das_five_cent/eating-with-intent 22/12/11.
‘Translations and Myth-conceptions’, avoiding myth and message: Australian artists and the literary world, curated by Glenn Barkley, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney / in Artworker Special Edition: Writing for Art, August 2009.
‘Field Work as Sustainment: The Futur(ing) of Art Practice’ Lisa Kelly & Dennis Tan, 2. Field Work, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney / in Runway, Issue 14: ‘Futures’, 2009.
‘Under Construction: Approaching Sean Rafferty’s Ghost Mountain MOP Projects, Sydney / in Locksmith Project, Issue 1, 2009.
‘Interventions in Things as Ethics’ in NAVA Quarterly, Issue 2, 2009.
‘Collected Fictions: Notes on Notes on the Art and Manner of (Dis)arranging One’s Books in Runway, Issue 12: ‘Make-believe’, 2008.
‘Absence : ecneserP’, Hiromi Tango, Absence, Platform, Melbourne / in un Magazine 2.2, November 2008.

Catalogue essays

‘Remembering ahead (Or How I Never Learnt to Play Bridge)’, catalogue essay for Rules of Play curated by Kathryn Gray, Tin Sheds, Sydney, 2011.
‘Package Tour: An account of the topographical features and earthly delights of Arcadia’, catalogue essay for Sean Rafferty’s Journey to Arcadia, nsw, No Frills, Brisbane, 2010.


Weathering Station: The Weathering Map of Microclimates & Approximate Watery Bodies co-authored with Astrida Neimanis, Jennifer Hamilton, Kate Wright & Rebecca Giggs, in Legend, Chart Collective, Edition 3, 2017.
Michael Stevenson, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2011). / Entry for the 2011 Frieze Writers’ Prize (Highly Commended)
‘Futuring Sydney Otherwise’, co-authored with Karl Khoe, in Jill Bennett & Felicity Fenner (eds.) HotHouse Report to The City, Sydney, National Institute for Experimental Art, UNSW, 2010.
Cao Fei ‘Utopia’, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (2009).  / Entry for the 2009 Frieze Writers’ Prize (Highly Commended)
Lisa Kelly & Dennis Tan ‘1. The Lively Plane’, Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown, Sydney (2008). / published here