mapping Yurt Empire

The past 2 weeks have seen me mapping away for Yurt Empire – a rogue housing project and site-specific encounter planned for November 2013. This slow-growth project (involving 22 other artists) recently came together for its third development Lab, focused on site brokering, infrastructure and yurt design, and formulating a philosophy of occupation.

The map and other strategic artefacts we’ve produced along the way will be included in an exhibition opening at Tin Sheds Gallery next Thursday 1 August, 6pm. Baadlands: An Atlas of Experimental Cartography brings together ‘a series of projects that use mapping as a way of revealing, challenging or engaging with the politics of space in a globalised world’. The exhibition also features the work of María del C Lamadrid (UR), Diego Bonetto and Adrian O’Doherty (AU), Centre for Urban Pedagogy (US), Santiago Cirugeda, Democracia and Todo Por la Praxis (ESP), Lorenz Aggermann, Eduard Freudmann and Can Gülcü (AT), Iconoclasistas (AR), Clement Valla (US), and Here Studio (AU).



[Cropped image of map drawn by myself in collaboration with Ali Crosby and Jen Hamilton for Yurt Empire]

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